Ainsley Rae

Ainsley is a trilingual Brazilian-American linguist who now finds herself on the other side of the world in Adelaide. She has been involved in the entertainment industry both on-stage and behind the scenes for bands touring in Victoria and Darwin and dance and performance competitions in Darwin and Adelaide.

An emerging artist in Adelaide, she uses her passions of music and dance and gift of writing to develop performance projects. Joining forces with Talita Fontainha in founding TQ Productions, she has found a way to stay connected to her Brazilian roots by focusing on cultural introspection projects that help to share Brazilian culture through the arts.


Talita Fontainha

Talita is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Talita mastered her craft after receiving a scholarship with the Deborah Colker Movement Center in Brazil at age 16.

Within two years Talita made her international debut in Israel, captivating audiences in the WOW Show and worked as an entertainer on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Traveling the world to share her craft as a performer, choreographer, and producer, Talita has an impressive portfolio that includes choreographer for both the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Closing Ceremonies, the Rio 2016 Olympics Games, the 5th Military World Games in 2011 and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Since arriving in Adelaide in 2018, Talita has become South Australia’s very own “Dance Queen'' after winning the prestigious Australasian Samba Queen title in 2019. Her 2022 Adelaide Fringe debut, A Carnaval Dream, featured talented artists who have performed alongside her at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro in 2020 where she received the prestigious title of Musa.

Choreographer & Artistic Director

Wys Costa

Wys is the stage and production manager with 14 years of experience in theatrical shows, TV shows, and large-scale events around the world. He helped produce major ceremonies such as the Military World Games in 2011, the London 2012 Olympics, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, and the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. Wys was also stage manager for various musical shows including Mamma Mia! onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships over 4 years.

Since arriving in Adelaide, Wys has participated and collaborated with several artistic shows and musical performances, acting as stage manager for the A Carnaval Dream show at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe. He has also completed a specialization in project management, furthering his professional development within this field.

Productions Manager