Shows Adelaide Fringe 2024

MPB - Music Passion Bossa

Experience an unforgettable afternoon listening to international hits, but with a Brazilian twist.

Picture yourself on a beachside bar in Brazil with the unique sounds and sights - well, now you can find this right here in Adelaide this Fringe!

Rio 40° The Show

Be transported through a vortex to Rio de Janeiro where anything can happen…

After its debut in 2023, Rio40° returned for another Fringe season with a fresh perspective! The new format and script proves to be even more contemporary, again escaping stereotypes of Rio and Brazil while inviting you to experience the magic, chaos, and excitement found in Rio de Janeiro.

40 Hours to Australia

40 Hours to Australia is a heartfelt story of Marta, a Brazilian actress in search of a dream: to make a decent living as an artist. Leaving behind her family, her culture, and a great love, she must travel the great distance between Brazil and Australia to embrace a new chapter in her life.

On this long journey, she faces obstacles like route changes, language barriers, cultural differences, and xenophobia. She stumbles, falls, laughs at herself, gets up and keeps going with the ease and humour of someone who is used to going through a lot.